I am a 20 ft. male Reticulated Giraffe. I am the big guy on the Ranch and keep a watchful eye from above. My favorite snacks are carrots and lettuce. If you see me near the road, please don't honk, I don't like the loud noises. Remember, I see you before you see me!



I am the new baby at Blue Hills ranch, and I still drink from a bottle every 4 hours! I live inside the barn right now until I am a bit older and can go outside with my other ranch friends. Nibbles, the mini horse, keeps me company and we play together in the barn.

Baby Giraffe - Coming Soon!


We are expecting another baby in Spring 2021!




I am a baby Asian small-clawed otter donated in April 2020, and I am as cute as can be! I am very patient with my sister Sweet Pea, who always demands eating first. Come and watch my swimming skills while I eat my favorite treat - fish popsicles!

Sweet Pea


Don't let my brother Otto tell you I am not sweet. I ALWAYS let him eat (when I'm done.) I am not such a good swimmer yet, but hey, I'm only a few months old! I love to "talk" and play with shoestrings. My favorite treat is shrimp! (I have expensive taste.)



We are the official "Aunts" of Blue Hills Ranch. We watch over the cattle and the baby calves, and stand guard to let the other animals know if we see any possible trouble. We are a little shy but getting better at letting you see us.  


We are wild zebras and came to Blue Hills Ranch in September of 2019.


Mini Horse


I am the one and only mini horse on the ranch, and I live with my brother Blue the giraffe. We live in the barn and the like to run around outside. I do sometimes like to take a stroll around the pool.

I am a bit of a nibbler hence my name. The world is so new to me and I want to taste it all.

Mini Donkeys



I got my name because I escaped the first night I was at Blue Hills Ranch. I wandered down to the neighbor's and hung out with the goats for a couple of days. Not much scares me, and I even go hang out with the giraffes from time to time.



I am proud to call Bonnie my wife; I follow her everywhere. I am protective of my family, and I also watch over the cows and zebras. My favorite snacks are apples and carrots.  I am not much of a swimmer, but I love to just stand near the lake and watch.



I was born in the Spring of 2020 and am curious about everything in the world. I hang out with the cows and zebras all day. If you see me, say hi! I am very curious and sometimes like to sit in your lap.

Mini Pigs

Luke & Leia

We are named after the Star Wars characters and we are definitely the prince and princess of the ranch! We love to cuddle and meet new people.

Our favorite snack is pretty much anything, especially if you bring donuts.




Captain Hook

Tinker Bell

We are the newest members of the Blue Hills Ranch family! We love to run and play with all our new friends, and especially love meeting visitors! Come say hi to us!

Saint Bernard


I am the very first animal here at Blue Hills Ranch.  I grew up in California before moving to Texas.  I am a city girl coming to the country.  I am the mom to all the animals that live in and around the house.  

King Charles


I was named after Lilly Muster from the TV show.  I was born in Texas, but grew up in California.  I am for sure the Princess of the ranch.  I love my walks, to find bugs and frogs, and to nap anywhere I want.  Geneva is my big sister and we have grown up together since I was a baby.  She's my favorite here.



I am approximately 12 years old, and I came to Blue Hills Rach in 2019 from California. I currently live with the mini pigs -- they are messy, noisy roommates.  





I am an approximately 30 year old male tortoise. I was donated to the ranch in 2020, and I currently live next to the giraffe pen.  I have noticed that their legs are much longer than mine...


Axis Deer

There are about 40 of us at Blue Hills Ranch. Our favorite game is hide and seek. If you see us, we will go hide again, because you are always it.

We are the prettiest deer out there because of our unique white spots.  


Black Buck




I am a special little brownish red girl cow that was donated to the ranch in October 2020.  I am blind and needed a good forever home.  I was named after a special little boy named Corbin "James" who is our favorite visitor here. 


My mom is my guide to the world and is very protective of me.  I am still learning all the new sounds and smells of the different animals.

British White Cows

We British White Cows are nicknamed the "Mickey Mouse Cow" because of our black ears and noses. Our herd continues to grow! This year we had 11 calves born, bringing our total to 24.


**These cows are pets and will not be used for beef production.

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