Giraffes, Otters & Friends Encounter



Laugh, giggle, and have tons of fun as you hang out with our baby otters and meet their friends!  You will have the opportunity to feed and directly interact with a variety of incredible animals such as giraffes, mini pigs, a mini horse, a friendly old tortoise and maybe more!  This is an on-hands wildlife experience unlike any other.  We put you right up in the center of the action with our friendly exotic animals. You will surely take home a permanent grin and memories that last a lifetime, playing with our furry friends here at Blue Hills Giraffe & Animal Sanctuary!


Start your tour interacting directly with our baby otters Otto and Sweet Pea in their indoor play-space.  Have fun with them using you as their personal jungle-gym, while they snack on their favorite fish-sicles (frozen shrimp and tilapia!) After they have posed for photographs with you and your friends inside, you’ll head outdoors to watch them enjoy their swim. They love entertaining you by diving for sticks and rocks and then hiding them in their secret otter crate, only to act shocked when they find them moments later!


Once those babies have tired out, it’s time to meet our baby giraffe Blue! We bet he’s got the biggest baby bottle you’ve ever seen, and he loves for you to reach up high and help feed him. All the while, Nibbles our mini horse, will be playfully nudging your ankles. He needs some lovin’ too! Once you have spent some time with these two pals, we will introduce you to our brother and sister mini pigs Luke and Leia, who love to snack on pretty much anything.  We will complete your experience with stopping by to say hello to Cecil, our very active 30-year old male tortoise.



Animal Encounters

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Giraffe & Friends Encounter
1.5 hour experience

  • Includes:

    • Feeding the baby giraffe

    • Otter playtime indoors (ages 8+)

    • Feeding and visiting with other animals in the barn

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Baby Giraffe Feeding

  • Feeding giraffe a bottle or some carrots

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Property Tours
Max 5 people; 30 min tour

  • Ride around in search of our zebras

  • Check on our world famous cows

  • Look for our resident hide and seek deer

Cameras are a must as you will see areas that other people cannot see!


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Swimming with Otters  *(April - October)*
Ages 8+, 2 hour experience

  • Includes:

    • ​Pool swim with otters

    • Otter playtime indoors

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